Your Company's Unique Mission, Vision & Values - Brought to Life.

Achieve clarity and alignment on your company's unique vision in a guided, multi-session experience tailored to you!


What's Included

The Energy for Growth Vision Workshop is a virtual or in-person experience designed to provide key team members with clarity and alignment on their team's unique vision, mission, values and behaviours.


  • Kickoff Call (1 hour) - review and discuss existing vision, points of difference and agree workshop logistics
  • Meeting Agenda & Planning - align on agenda and exercises for a productive workshop
  • Workshop Pre-Work - short, individual homework assignment for key team to complete to prepare for workshop


Live workshop hosted by Energy for Growth founders Shelli & Fiona

  • Structured with creative exercises to deliver clarity and alignment
  • Covers what a vision and mission statement are, captures the perspectives of your team, identifies your company's points of difference, includes a SWOT analysis, and more!
  • Virtual and in-person delivery options, based on your preference
  • Fun, creative, interactive and highly productive session(s)


  • Capture Output - we record, refine and wordsmith your vision, mission, values with strong options to choose from
  • Core Team Working Session - select and refine leading options, and move towards next steps.
  • Behaviour Change (Optional) - turn your workshop output into a set of actionable behaviours and habits

Meet Your Hosts

We’re Shelli & Fiona!

Having led hundreds of innovation projects across multiple geographies for leading multi-national corporations as Founding Partners of The Idea Suite we understand what it takes to drive real-world commercial success.

Our unique approach has created productive, energized teams in all types of client organizations globally, and has resulted in the successful launch of several multi-million-dollar products, brands and services.

Now we help teams like yours replicate these results on an ongoing basis through multi-session experiences like this one.

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After our time together, your team will walk away with:

A deeper understanding of why they do what they do

Your team will connect deeply with their purpose, the importance of their work and what exactly makes them unique

New skills that assist in future team development

Your team will learn transferable skills that will allow you to continue developing your mission, vision and values as your team evolves.

Tangible, actionable output

You will come away with a defined mission, vision and values, as well as a set of behaviours to choose from, unique to your team.

Meaningful connections

You and your team will deepen your connection and improve collaboration through a fun and interactive shared experience.

Discover if the Vision Workshop is right for your organization, today!

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The Vision Workshop is a live, interactive working session for your core team.

Flexible Delivery Options

Your choice of live virtual or in-person delivery

Custom Scheduling

A workshop schedule built around what works best for your team

Global Capability

Flexibility to include participants from around the world with a virtual delivery

Virtual - two live virtual sessions on Zoom (2.5-3 hours each)

In-person - one live 3/4 day in-person session (approx. 6 hours)

Enhance Your Experience with Behaviour Change

Add an optional, follow-on behaviour change program to your workshop experience to land your new approach and company behaviours with your team.

  • Habit & Behaviour Definition Session
    We'll work together to define specific habits or behaviours for the team to adopt going forward

  • Monthly Habits Sessions
    We’ll help you plan to roll out of these habits and behaviours in leader-led sessions run by you

  • Habit tracking, encouragement and reporting
    Your team will be invited to make commitments in our habit tracking technology. We’ll then follow up, encourage them and track their progress

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