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Energize Your Team and Unlock Personal and Business Growth

Unleash your team’s energy with proven tools and strategies for lasting behaviour change inside the Energy for Growth 12-week program

Significant shifts teams experience inside Energy for Growth:

Improved Energy Levels

Take responsibility for and dramatically improve your team’s energy levels in their personal and professional lives

Measurable Improvements

Use measures and metrics to help you demonstrate the team’s progress

Enhanced Productivity

Embed mindsets and practices into your team that build energy and improve productivity in the workplace

Meaningful Connection

Deepen team connections and improve collaboration

What participants have to say...

  • “Reduced stress”
  • “Focus on specific areas and doing better quality work and better results.”
  • “Tapping into my alter ego has allowed me to gain confidence in both my work life and my personal life."
  • “More aware of draining influences and more prepared to be nurturing.”
  • “More organized upon the start of my next day”
  • "The sessions have helped me to identify things that drain my energy so I can be aware of them upfront and take the right steps in avoiding them.”

What's Inside

Create an energized, connected and high-performance team with access to:

  • Energy Pulse Checks
    A pre & post program Energy Pulse Check measuring individual and team energy levels
  • Individual Assessments
    Individual assessments to help each team member understand where there is room for personal improvement
  • 4 Live Learning Modules
    4 learning modules (1.5-hours every 2-3 weeks) focusing on personal, professional and team energy dynamics
  • Behaviour Change Commitments
    Recap, conversation guides and behaviour change commitments after learning modules (1-hour leader-led sessions)
  • Habit Tracking
    Proven habit forming and tracking techniques to lock in commitments and ensure that individuals and team adopt energy-building habits


  • Leadership Coaching
    Leadership coaching to help leaders own and drive the behaviour change
  • Curated Resource Library
    Curated library of best-in-class content, tools, techniques and approaches to supplement the 4 learning modules
  • Follow-on Content
    Tailored recommendations are provided to best remind your team of the frameworks and principles for building Personal, Professional and Team Energy

The Energy for Growth program includes live Kickoff & Wrap-Up sessions customized for leaders and team:

  • Leader Kickoff
    Prepares and coaches the leaders to support and foster lasting behaviour change for the team
  • Team Kickoff
    Overviews and sets the tone for the program experience and gets the team excited
  • Team Wrap Up
    Reviews and celebrates progress made as a team over the 12 weeks
  • Leader Wrap Up & Coaching
    Reviews the progress of the team over the 12 weeks and outlines next steps for continued energy building

"Taking part in the Energy for Growth program was the first time I thought about energy differently. Not only was [the program] a good thing for my career, but it also gave me something to look forward to.”

- Cathy, Program Participant, TELUS

Energy for Growth

A 12-week program focused on 
shifting individual and team 
behaviours to build your team’s 
energy and drive personal and 
business growth based on 
scientifically validated tools.

Designed for teams of all sizes! Pricing for teams of up to 15, 30, and 100+ people.

Discover today if the Energy for Growth program is what your team needs!


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Energy is the physical, emotional and mental fuel we have available to do the things we want or need to do.

Actively building an energized team has been shown to result in increased engagement, productivity, presenteeism and retention.

Program Curriculum

4 learning modules, workbooks, leader-hosted behaviour change conversations, habit tracking, resource libraries, and more!

Module 1: Energy the Critical Lever

In this module we cover why energy matters in life and work, including:

  • Energy and decision fatigue
  • Managing energy vs. managing time
  • Linking energy to productivity, problem solving and creativity

Module 2: Personal Energy

In this module we cover the foundation for overall energy, including:

  • Dimensions of personal energy
  • Scientifically proven tools and techniques to improve energy
  • The value of routine and habit to maximize energy

Module 3: Professional Energy

In this module we cover creating peak performance at work, including:

  • Your energy at work
  • Peak performance state
  • Motivation / Growth Mindset / Authenticity / Prioritization / Boundaries

Module 4: Team Energy

In this module we cover the virtuous cycle of mindsets and behaviours of team energy, including:

  • The foundations: diversity, positive intent, decide and do, fostering deep human connection
  • Key mindsets for high energy teams

Behaviour Change Conversations

Leaders host 1-hour behaviour change conversations with the support of:

  • Conversation host notes to facilitate group discussions including a video recap of previous week's materials
  • Habit Tracking technology to support participants in embedding habits
  • Leader coaching and access to an Energy for Growth Coach

Resource Libraries & Program Portal

Inside the dedicated Energy for Growth program portal your team has access to:

  • Curated library of best practice tools and resources
  • Module workbooks to guide learning
  • Video recordings of each live session

Course content is consistently updated with best practice tools and feedback from our participants.

Additional 3-months access to all course content post-program included!

There’s never been a more important time to unleash the energy of your workforce!

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Building Energized, Connected Teams

"I really enjoyed the course. It has helped me build my network in a way that I felt more connected with my peers. This was not work for me, I saw it as an opportunity to improve as a person."

- Program Participant, TELUS

"The topics are life changing.”

- Program Participant, UpLevel, 2021

Meet Your Instructors

We’re Shelli & Fiona!

Having led hundreds of innovation projects across multiple geographies for leading multi-national corporations as as Founding Partners of The Idea Suite we understand what it takes to drive real-world commercial success.

Our unique approach has created productive, energized teams in all types of client organizations globally, and has resulted in the successful launch of several multi-million-dollar products, brands and services.

Now we help teams like yours replicate these results on an ongoing basis through the programs outlined in our offerings.

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Energy for Growth is a live cohort-based behaviour change program delivered virtually.

100% Live Virtual

The benefit of virtual learning, live

Custom Schedule

Training day and time chosen by you

Global Training

Virtual approach enables multi-region participation

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